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Black Sealedge

Mosstype's fast drying Black Sealedge works quickly to completely seal flexo plate edges after they are mounted on cylinders or sleeves. This solvent-based product works equally well with rubber and photopolymer plates and dies.

Speed and strength. Black Sealedge is specially formulated for swift, sure adhesion. It prevents both ink and solvent from weakening the bond between plate and sticky-back.

Simplified processing capability. To apply Black Sealedge, all you need to do is squeeze a thin bead of product along the edge of the plate. Sealedge is applied directly from the 8 oz. squeeze tube.

Fast Drying. Being a solvent-based material, Black Sealedge dries in a few minutes time.

Black Sealedge

Black Sealedge SDS