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Blue Sealedge

Blue Sealedge is the ideal product for sealing flexo plate edges after they are mounted on cylinders or sleeves. Specifically formulated to keep flexo plates from coming loose, Sealedge effectively prevents both ink and solvent from seeping under plate edges and eliminates any weakening of the bond between plate and sticky-back.

Eliminates health and safety concerns. Absolutely free of any harmful solvents, Blue Sealedge eliminates all health hazards and any personal discomfort and concern associated with solvent-based materials. It is absolutely non-flammable and thus not subject to any regulatory handling or special storage requirements. Unlike solvent-based materials, this unique water-based Sealedge formulation makes it the safest product of its kind in the marketplace.

Processing flexibility. Blue Sealedge is easy to work with, it will not damage or swell printing plates through accidental contact; will not stick to wrapping tape. It is amazingly easy to removes simply by rubbing off with fingers after drying; it has no adverse affect on regular sticky-back or any cushion back sticky-back; and it will not damage sleeves. Sealedge is applied directly from the 8 oz. squeeze tube container.

Blue Sealedge

Blue Sealedge SDS