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D-Mount Cylinder and Gears

The most popular demountable plate cylinder in the industry is used in printing and converting plants throughout the world.

The D-Mount cylinder is easily and accurately assembled with the D-Mount mandrel simply by a few turns of the mandrel actuator. The hydraulic gripping system within the mandrel affords positive holding and accurate alignment of the D-Mount and mandrel.

D-Mount cylinders are often used interchangeably between different presses.

D-Mounts cylinders are light in weight, and are easily moved to and from storage.

They are made in the following sizes:


For high-quality, precision plate cylinder gears made especially for use on flexo printing presses -- both spur and helical types -- rely on Mosstype. Our service on gears is fast and our prices are competitive. Next time you need plate cylinder gears, send us your prints and get our quote.