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Snap-Lok Carriers are foolproof and easy to use, requiring no stretching and no tensioning devices. They wrap around the cylinder in perfect skin-tight fit -- snap on, snap off and without the use of even a single tool. Locked securely in place on the printing cylinder and held down across the entire face of the cylinder, Snap-Lok Carrier cannot bulge, buckle, shift of lift.

To use Snap-Lok Carriers, the only requirement is that the regular printing cylinders in the press be replaced with special Snap-Lok Cylinders. The Snap-Lok Cylinder is a precision-made roll with a narrow groove across its face. Recessed in this groove is a cam bar mechanism that opens and closes by means of spring-loaded levers to secure or release the Carrier.

While plates may be mounted on Snap-Lok Carriers in any suitable way, this work can be performed with far greater speed, accuracy and effciency on a Mosstype Mounter-Proofer. Mounting plates on Snap-Lok Carriers with a Mounter-Proofer eliminates guesswork -- assures precise positioning in minimum time -- makes it easy to obtain extremely accurate register on multicolor jobs. Also, the printed proofs you get enable you to make necessary corrections before the job goes to press, insuring that it is ready to print and in register the instant you snap the Snap-Lok Carrier on the printing cylinder.