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Transmount is the easiest, fastest, most inexpensive way to make plate changes without removing cylinders from the press. And it's extremely accurate. Instead of mounting your plates directly to the cylinder, you premount them on a flexible plastic Transmount Carrier, using your present mounting procedure. When you are ready to run the job, you simply slip the Carrier on the cylinder and begin to print. After the run you remove this Carrier and replace it with one for the next job. Carriers -- with plates still in position -- can be filed away, ready for instant re-run whenever needed.

No press modification whatever is required to use the Transmount System. All you need are two low-cost components: a Transmount Adapter Bar (see photo) that readily attaches to the cylinder and remains well below printing height, and a supply of Transmount Carriers. The Adapter contains a row of anchor buttons correspond to identically spaced slots in the Carrier. Just hook the slots on the buttons, draw the Carrier tight around the cylinder, tape down the trailing edge -- and you're ready to run, in seconds.

Adapter bars designed to fit many applications are available.

Packages of 100 Transmount carriers are stocked in the following sizes: