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Proofing Ink

Mosstype proofing ink for Flexo Plates and Dies is available in red, blue, yellow, black, and white in handy 8 oz. squeeze tubes. Application is easy: a small bead squeezed onto the ink slab rolls out smoothly with an inking brayer. The brayer then transfers ink evenly to the plate for quick and accurate proofing. While on the slab, ink retains its working consistency for extended periods at normal room temperature and humidity. For use under conditions of high temperature or humidity, proofing ink extenders are also available.

Proofing Ink Colors

Handy. Squeeze tube provides measured dispensing, air-tight storage, indefinite shelf life, and little or no waste.

Compatible. Safe for use with all types of Flexo plates, Mosstype proofing ink is oil-free.

Convenient and environmentally friendly. Washup of Mosstype proofing ink is easy. Use alcohol solvent, or Platewash, a Mosstype product that is water-based, non-flammable, and disposable without environmental hazard.

Quick-drying. Proofs dry quickly and are non-smudging, because the oil-free carrier is readily absorbed by the proofing paper.

Proofing Ink

Proofing Ink Color Sample

Proofing Ink SDS
White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black