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Gearless Mounter-Proofer
Designed to work with our very popular video mounting systems, our gearless Mounter-Proofer is a step forward in precision mounting, proofing, and productivity.

• Precision servo drives are used on each axis for accurate positioning, automatic gearless proofing, indexing, stepping distances around, and measuring around.

• The Touch screen is today's first choice for machine control, and is also the ideal choice for the gearless Mounter Prooofer. It provides a control system unmatched in ease of use.

The fifteen-inch flat screen displays large, well-spaced buttons and captions, which are easy to read and touch from the operator's position. The screen face is glass, expected to wear indefinitely, impervious to most solvents, and is quickly cleaned using a dampened cloth.

• Impression is adjusted from the touch screen, and each side of the proof may be set separately for very even proofs.

• Engage/disengage cylinders allowing them to turn freely for manual operations.

• Inch or metric system selected job-by-job.

• Job set-ups are saved and may be recalled from memory.

• Software and hardware is built-in for a remote dial up connection of your machine to our service center. This system is used to quickly and economically provide support.

• The built-in cantilever sleeve changeover system accommodates all sleeve systems.

• An optical viewer is now also available with the gearless mounter as an option.

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Gearless Mounter Proofer.  Enlarge image.